August 22, 2018

Armory Radio - EP 7: Even If You Don't Believe In Ghosts

A rhythmic soundscape that'll take you to new places.

How have I never heard of Iglooghost until his recent two EPs? His composition style is definitely my aesthetic. When I listened to all his stuff, I had to mix it with Rustie and Wisp because it just felt right. The result? A mix you don’t want to miss!


Iglooghost - Pale Eyes
Iglooghost - Super Ink Burst
Iglooghost - Bug Thief
Rustie - A Glimpse
Rustie - Globes
Wisp - Hexenringe
Wisp - Hidebehind
Wisp - Cultus Klatawa
Iglooghost - Teal Yomi / Olivine
Rustie - Coral Elixrr
Rustie - First Mythz
Rustie - Morning Starr
Rustie - Death Bliss
Rustie - Raptor
Rustie - Paradise Stone
Iglooghost - Purity Shards
Wisp - Summoner's Hollow