April 25, 2018

Armory Radio - EP 5: The Funk Don't Stop

Future Funk and bass to brighten up your day.

I got on a Future Funk kick going down the SoundCloud rabbit hole. I blame Desired and SnowShoo.


Tsundere Alley - Super Lady
SnowShoo - My Love
ロードスRhodes x Escape x Bastet - Bring It Back
Moe Shop - Baby Pink (ft (YUC'e)
Tsundere Alley - Like My Love
SnowShoo - Minutes
Tsundere Alley - Stay The Night
SnowShoo - Sunshine
Robots With Rayguns - One More Time
Robots With Rayguns - Sweat It Out
Robots With Rayguns - Dirty Mind
Lola Disco ☀ - Fire In The Sky
Lola Disco ☀ - Instantly
Elektric Dreams - A Fresh Future
Elektric Dreams - Lightspeed
Elektric Dreams - StarCruiser
Elektric Dreams - THICC
Argume - Take You Higher