May 12, 2020

Nobody Knows Best - EP 10: Magic Spoon


Hey, what's up everyone?

Got another episode of Nobody Knows Best here, and we're gonna do another review.

Now I know what you may be thinking.

"But I thought this show was about chilling and talking about things and getting into a self-improvement mindset."

But no, the internet has spoken.

There are times in your life where you're planning on doing something. You could have had the best intentions, you may have had one plan and then another plan showed up. And you didn't ask for that plan and you looked at the plan really carefully and you said to, you know, life:

"That doesn't look like my signature."

And then life said:

"Oh, oh, oh yeah, it is. Uh, you were here last week."

And then a strapping young lad comes out who's a little, you know, he's been hitting the gym a bit. He has some sunglasses, a few scars, you know? And then you kind of get the message.

So, we've done a few episodes here. And, to my surprise, one of the top episodes that I have released so far has been the "Beyond Meat" episode. I don't know if it's because of the SEO that apparently is supposed to happen with stuff like this.

I don't know if there may be some people who like:

"Beyond Meat? What is that?"

Or some low-key vegans or vegetarians, that may be listening to this?

I don't know.

But it's pretty high up there so I thought I would mix it up a little bit again, go over another product, give my thoughts and then we're going to end this with a tier list.

But first, what are we going over this time?

As a denizen of the internet, you stumble upon interesting things. And one thing that I stumbled upon was this cereal called Magic Spoon.

And actually, I'm, I'm gonna...

What was the price of less again?

Because I got the variety pack because I really need to know...

Let me...




Let me just look this up here.

typing and clicks

There it is.

Okay, so the whole variety box came to about $45.

Now I know what you're thinking:

"Hey, that sounds ridiculous for cereal."

But don't worry, that's what I'm here for. I bought it so that you don't have to, unless you think what I'm about to say is interesting and you want to give it a try.

So we got this cereal here called Magic Spoon, and I got one of the boxes in my hand here. And the whole appeal is that it's supposed to be recreating classic cereals that you grew up with, but make them a little healthier. So I'm just gonna look at one of these boxes here and I'm not gonna say which one because we're gonna go over all of them in a bit.

But just looking at this box here, right on the top left, you get the big font that says "Magic Spoon, grain free cereal".

So first of all this thing is grain free, which is cool, I guess. I don't know. But I guess...

fire trunk noises come in

Uh oh, a fire truck trying to set-shut us down.

Now I don't know what grain-free means exactly. Like I know what it means, but I don't know if it's something I would really care about? But there might be some people who might have some intolerances that would be like "Oooo!", so I just want to throw that out there and it's the subtext right after the Magic Spoon logo up in the top left.

So we're gonna move our eyes over to the right.

It has zero sugar per serving, zero sugar, huh. Three net carbs per serving, and 11 grams of protein per serving.

And there's a little note here that specifies not a low calorie food.

And then we have this colorful little picture of the flavor that it's describing. And then we got some...we got a calorie breakdown here.

So then you look on the back and most of these [flavors] fit in the general area; there's some minor fluctuations depending on what flavor you're getting. But we got 110 calories on this box, 45 from fat, then we got five grams of fat, about half a gram of saturated [fat]. five milligrams of cholesterol, 120 milligrams of sodium, 10 grams of carbohydrates. Now, some of you might be thinking:

"well, this says 10 on the box and these nutritional facts here. Why did it say three net carbs on the front?"

And we'll get to that but we got a gram of fiber, zero sugars, and 11 grams of protein. And then we got some, some calcium thrown in there.

Now, right below the nutrition facts, it breaks it down.

Net carbs are kind of controversial for people who care about things like carbs because the definition is very loose. Usually, they are the carbs that truly get absorbed and the easy way to determine what that is, is that you subtract the amount of fiber you're getting from the carb count. Now, this count is different depending on the food in some places if you search on the internet and things like that, which is why it's kind of controversial, but that's the idea. It's usually the total amount of carbs minus the fiber and then in some cases, you may factor in sugar. The reason why here they are claiming that it only has three grams of real carbs is because you have the 10 grams of carbs, you get the one g of fiber, so they're counting that, so that makes it nine. And then they're saying -6 allulose, which is probably some-oh, they have a description here.

Yeah, yeah.

Okay, it's a rare sugar found in raisins, figs and maple syrup. It contains only 10% of the calories of regular sugar, and it's only slightly metabolized by your body.

Okay, so they're going with the idea of like fiber, where it's not truly getting processed. So they're saying they're putting minus six grams of that and because it doesn't really get processed, they're subtracting that off of the count, and then the final number is:


Which is three net cards.

So if you care about but that's how they're breaking it down. I'm not here to tell you what you can and can't use for your calculation if you care about that, but that's how they say it's three grams.

So then on the very back of the box they go into why they're special and a bunch of options and then doing a quick comparison between traditional cereal and then their offering. And...then on the left side, on the skinny portion, then they give all the big like, keywords like, this would be tags if you had an episode of a podcast, or a YouTube video or something. Or if you're posting it on social media; all the high SEO hashtags.

"The high protein, keto-friendly, gluten-free and grain-free, and soy-free and wheat-free, naturally flavored, totally delicious, childlike cereal for grown ups."

Dang, they're throwing all the words in there.

So that's a quick overview of the box, kind of the breakdown. So, what does this thing tastes like?

Well, I thought it would be fair to get a variety pack and make a tier list. So what I did was when I got the box, I got all the five cereals, and I'm going to go over all of the flavors; we had Blueberry, we had Cocoa, we had Frosted, we had a limited time run of a flavor called Birthday Cake, and then we had Fruity.

So once I got all of them, I tried one of them, ate it, kept in the back of my mind what I thought of it, and then I would put on the shelf. And then the next day, or for another meal, I would pick another box of a different flavor. And I would eat that and then I would be like:

"Is this better or worse than [the previous] box?"

And then eventually the five got on the shelf.

So then I did another run where once all of them ended up on the shelf, I just kept cycling, and I would go from one end to the other and eventually, a tier list arrived.

So I'm going to start at five and then we're gonna work our way up to figure out which is the best Magic Spoon flavor that I tried and then give overall thoughts at the end about what think about it and stuff.

So, number five in this list: Cocoa.

This one wasn't delivering. In comparison to the other ones, maybe it's because I'm a cocoa snob possibly, but it was not holding enough. I will give it credit for one thing though it did give the chocolate milk sensation that you would expect out of a cocoa-like cereal, but the actual cereal itself did not taste very good. I thought it was wack, I would definitely go for the real option, and I was very surprised considering how much I liked the other cereals. So number five right off the bat, not gonna say much about it. The current version of the cocoa flavor of Magic Spoon is trash. I'm sorry, you gotta step it up.

So now we got number four. And number four is Blueberry.

Now blueberry is in the fourth slot because it was just better than cocoa.

It actually tasted like blueberry flavor a little bit. It gave the milk sensation that you would expect out of a blueberry cereal. You could tolerate it, like it's a decent substitute I would say. But it wasn't blowing me away and I'm not really a blueberry type person. I like fresh blueberries when it's on a good dessert. But overall, like I'm not really a big fan of blueberry in other things. It was alright. But I wouldn't sing its praises or anything. So that's number four.

Now we're going to start getting into the higher tier stuff. So number three is Frosted.

Now to me, number three and higher, like if I were to truly recommend this, I would say someone should start here. Because the thing that made number three, number three, is that it's actually starting to taste like the thing it's supposed to be. Now if you had a frosted anything, like the plain frosted where it's just you have the wheats or whatever, and then you have that sugar on it, this actually could be a good substitute for you. It's a little chewy, which could be a plus or minus depending on what type of frosted cereal person you are, but I definitely think this could be a good substitute for someone who may be on that keto life. Maybe they are diabetic and they want to have something that's a little bit more exciting than having a plain cereal. This is definitely a good one to try for sure.

Now let's get to number two and number one.

So number two is the limited edition flavor Birthday Cake. And I will note that this was the very first one I tried. And the one thing that may have affected how I judge the other flavors is that when I put it in the bowl and put the milk over it, it immediately popped. I was surprised I was like:

"Wow, this actually tastes like that, weird sugary birthday cake flavor."

Like, if you've ever had it like in an ice cream or on-or in another cereal or something like that. Definitely nails it. You could definitely pour up a big bowl of this and just go nuts and it would be fantastic. And yes, you'd still be packing on those calories, but the core nutritional value that you're getting in comparison to the real thing; you're messing up. Like if you're-you're really messing up. Like if you want to have that experience, this is definitely the one for you.

And then the one in first.


The number one is Fruity.

Fruity, is shocking. And to be clear, like in the cereal world, I'm not even like a Froot Loops type person. I tend to like more of the frosted things, some things with a little bit of cinnamon. More cocoa; like that's more of my thing. But this one definitely stood out to me because it really surprised me. I would recommend getting Fruity and Frosted to start out with. Maybe get a variety pack if you're feeling adventurous too, but it is a bit of a spend; I want to emphasize that. But Fruity, absolutely top tier. I would definitely pick it up again. And if I saw this in the the others. I would be like:

"Oh, maybe I should go pick up some more because of the novelty or that was neat or something."

But if I saw this in the store, I would run and get it if I had that cereal craving.

So yeah, that's my...that's my Magic Spoon tier list for you.

What's really exciting about things like this is the exploration in recreating foods that everyone loves, but in a more like healthy way. And it's sad that substitutes like this either end up being too expensive for people to try, or people assume that they're bad.

And I'm willing to try any of these.

Because if we can give a healthier experience that recreates the real experience that would be more unhealthy, or let's say you do have a gluten allergy, or soy doesn't bode with you too well, or any of the other things the box says. You can get the experience that you're missing out on. And I think that the more we can make products like that, the better it is for everyone, especially if it's at least decent, nutritional-wise.

Shout out to Magic Spoon.

They really got fixed that cocoa though.

They really, really gotta fix that cocoa though.

I don't know if I got a bad box of it or something, but it definitely is pretty low tier.

An extra note though, before I wrap this up, is that it does have a chewier texture. There was something that I noticed were with all of them, as I was chewing them, they would stick to my teeth in weird ways. Which is odd because cereal kind of does that but because this isn't the real thing and kind of stuck to my teeth in a different way. Like, I don't know how to describe it, but the sensation wasn't the same. So I had to do a little bit of scraping for some of them. But outside of that, once you get the milk in there, you're good.

So if you're curious definitely give these a try. I was not sponsored to do this but I would recommend that if you're listening to this to try Fruity, Birthday Cake if it comes back, or Frosted, but Birthday Cake and Fruity definitely pop more than Frosted does. I would start there first and definitely do not get Cocoa.

Cocoa is really bad.

So with that, thank you guys for listening and I'll see you another time. Take it easy.