• The Game Industry Correction

    January 22, 2018 by

    The average AAA game costs $60, despite inflation. Publishers and game studios have taken to DLC, Season Passes, and microtransactions to offset the costs and make their products last longer once they’re in the market. But that’s not enough. A game can’t merely make its money back; it must exceed all previously set bars to… Read more

  • Making Vulnerable Games

    February 14, 2017 by

    Vulnerable games are games that are themselves in front of players. Like seeing a person open up and share themselves with someone they trust, vulnerable games take a chance at trying to connect with the player by “being themselves” rather than hiding their true selves under layers of misdirection. While opening themselves up allows players… Read more

  • Owning Your Criticism

    December 15, 2014 by

    I’m not going to single out anyone or pretend that I have the power to tell people what they can and cannot do. I’m not going to say that a person’s views or values are invalid or worthless based on my knowledge or beliefs because I acknowledge that I’m a person. My experiences, friends, family,… Read more

  • Understanding Creative People

    September 23, 2014 by

    ­We see them splashing inspiration on a canvas, and the results look amazing. They bring the imaginary and the abstract into our world, shaping how we look at reality. They speak in arcane tongues, weaving speech spells that enhance our everyday. They create, and they can’t help themselves. These are creative people, and they are… Read more

  • Don’t Change, Iterate!

    April 7, 2014 by

    In the game industry, developers love sharing their experiences with others. By sharing their experiences, they allow others to learn from their mistakes while internalizing the lessons they’ve learned. But what I find is that a lot of developers do not differentiate between change and iteration: “So for our platformer, we had a jump mechanic.… Read more

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